Thank you for being a LightingUK Customer!

We're changing, but not to worry...

As you might be aware, our website has been closed for some time due to the ongoing CoVID-19 epidemic. We've used this time to re-evaluate our position and we have now, with a heavy heart, decided not to re-open our website.

Not to worry though!... if you're looking for a great selection of Lighting at great prices, you can still buy from our sister website Cotterell & Co!

What does this mean for you?
If you've bought products from LightingUK and require after any after sales care, additional products, parts or assistance, this will now be provided by Cotterell & Co team. All our email addresses and contact numbers will remain in place for some time to come for ease of access to this.

Thank you so much being a customer of LightingUK.

Best Wishes,
Team LightingUK

How to get in touch with Cotterell & Co:
0191 266 8883